What you need to know about the taco wars

What you need to know about the taco wars

The taco wars are heating up again.

In the span of two weeks, two restaurants have closed in the US and another has been accused of stealing the taste of tacos and stealing the word “taco.”

The two are two of the most iconic tacos in the world, and they have long been seen as a symbol of American culture.

The two locations in New York and Chicago are not alone.

Last month, a New York restaurant also shut down.

Taco Bell, which has a loyal fan base in the United States, has said it will bring back some of its beloved products from Mexico, but not until 2021.

And while the Mexican-inspired tacos have become a staple of the US diet, they have also been a target of legal threats.

In February, a San Diego restaurant was ordered to pay $1.8 million after the restaurant owner allegedly ripped off the Mexican logo from the menu.

And earlier this month, Taco Bell announced it was pulling the word taco from its menu in response to a legal complaint from the Mexican government.

Both the Mexican restaurants and the American eateries are also facing claims of trademark infringement.

The Mexican restaurants, however, claim they have not been able to use the word because they have already filed their own trademark infringement lawsuit.

“If there’s a good reason, we’ll try to take it down, but if there’s not, we’re not going to,” said Taco Bell spokesman Steve Smith in an interview with CNNMoney.

“That’s a different situation than the legal issue.

We have filed our own trademark suit and we’re confident we’ll prevail.”

The legal battle between the two restaurants began in late 2014 when Taco Bell’s parent company, Taco Master, decided to close its New York City restaurant in response, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“It’s a pretty crazy situation,” said David Moya, an attorney representing the San Francisco-based restaurant.

“It’s like a slap in the face to Taco Bell and to the people that eat there.”

The restaurant was not only closing but was also told it would be forced to move out of San Diego because of the trademark law.

“The whole time I was thinking ‘how is it legal?'”

Moya said.

“We were told to vacate the premises.

The owners are still trying to figure out what to do.”

Moya said he had filed a trademark infringement suit against the Mexican restaurant in March of this year, but that he was told by the restaurant’s lawyers to settle out of court.

Taco Master’s lawyers also told him that he needed to file a separate trademark infringement case against the New York location as well.

Moya decided to take his case to court after learning that Taco Bell was trying to sell his trademark rights for use in other restaurants.

“I was really disappointed because I thought we were supposed to be a part of the Mexican culture,” Moya told CNNMoney in an email.

“But we were just a Taco Bell franchisee and not part of that culture.”

The lawsuit was filed in January of this month and the parties reached a settlement on Tuesday.

The Mexican restaurant is still allowed to sell its trademark, which is supposed to remain active for another four years, but the Mexican owner is also allowed to continue using the word tacos, which are a trademark of Mexico.

The name of the restaurant is now Taco Bell Mexican Grill, which stands for Taco Bell Taco Grill and is part of a global trademark registered in the state of New York.

“We will have to move the trademark out of our name, because the Mexican name is not associated with Taco Bell,” Mota told CNN Money.

“If we are going to move it out of the name, then it has to be used by the owner.

We’re not the owner.”

The dispute between the Mexican and American owners went on for nearly three years before Taco Master filed its lawsuit.


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